Our actions in Tanzania

  • Our association is committed to the protection of children with albinism in Tanzania.

  • We work in partnership with The International Rotary Club, and with local associations such as PEACEMAKERS and MCC (Mennonite Central Committee

Albino child exposed to the sun
Sun damage without protection
Severe sun damage
Don't abandon me !
Albino woman amputated Tz
Sun glasses distribution
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This action is held in Tanzania, and more specifically in ARUSHA in the region around the Kilimanjaro and we are financing the education of children with albinism at Mukidoma school through private donors. This school is one of the rare schools that is hosting children with albinism in Tanzania.

The association "Les Couleurs de l'Espor" - "Colors of Hope" supports PEACEMAKER for its information program on albinism delivered directly in the villages to counter the ancestral beliefs, and to avoid the abandonment of these children by the families.

Solar protections

Club Hyères

Sponsored by Atol les opriciens  Atol opticians , Laboratoires Boiron and the Rotary Club of Hyères les Palmiers

Sewing workshop


Creation of a sewing workshop in Arusha run by albino mothers or with albino children. Produced in partnership with the Rotary Club of MOSHI - TZ

The purpose: to enable them to be autonomous

5 years later ... they are autonomous!

5 years after its creation, the seamstresses manage themselves and are completely autonomous.

Book for children

Le fabuleux destin de SOUNDIATA KEITA  "The fabulous Destiny" by SOUNDIATA KEITA

Tells the true story of a great African King.

It is sold for 8 € to be distributed free throughout Africa.

Its purpose: to inform about what is albinism.

Translated into English, French and Swahili.

Le fabuleux destin de Sundiata Keita
Le fabuleux destin de Sundiata Keita
Le fabuleux destin de Sundiata Keita
Le fabuleux destin de Sundiata Keita
Le fabuleux destin de Sundiata Keita
Le fabuleux destin de Soundiata Keit
Nantenin dans le zèbre
3 personnages stylisés
le fabuleux destin de Soundiata Keit
Le fabuleus destin de Soundiata Kei

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