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"By making scintillate our

light, we offer the others the possibility to do so !"

"En faisant scintiller notre lumière, nous offrons

aux autres la possibilité

d'en faire autant !"

Nelson Mandela

 Presentation of the humanitarian organization

"Les Couleurs de l'Espoir" - "The colors of Hope" is a non-for-profit association based in the south east of France.

The French woman Chantal NORMANDIN created the Association in 1986 to support children with disabilities, children with albinism, health issues such as HIV, and help communities to build facilities and get water access.

The colors of hope is a multi-tasked oriented association aim at improving the living conditions of the deprived communities. Children are considered to be its main concerns

The NPO shoot for organizing and financing humanitarian projects in France and across the world. This has been possible by establishing cooperation with "on field"/local organizations through parteneships by supply them with financial, human and technical resources in order to realize and make their actions durable.

notre mission lescouleursdelespoir
les couleurs de l'espoir parrainer un enfant
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Video about albino children in tanzania

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