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International day of albinism
Albino mom with her black child
International day of albinism

The NPO shoot for organizing and financing humanitarian projects in France and across the world. This has been possible by establishing cooperation with "on field"/local organizations through parteneships by supply them with financial, human and technical resources in order to realize and make their actions durable.

The association is commited to donate 90% of its financial resources to the supports she brings. The remaining 10% are used for maintenance costs. It bases transparency as one of its core value. 

Our association "The colors of hope", is increasingly orienting its actions towards childhood suffering.

  • We collaborate with the association PREMA "town of pradet" in Provence that supports children victims of violence.

  • we support the association ADL (lLaurence's friends/ les amis de Laurence) that aims to help chidren victims are genetic diseases.

  • Our association is committed to the protection of children with albinism in Tanzania.

  • We work in partnership with The International Rotary Club, and with local associations such as PEACEMAKERS and MCC (Mennonite Central Committee

  • This action is held in Tanzania, and more specifically in ARUSHA in the region around the Kilimanjaro and we are financing the education of children with albinism at Mukidoma school through private donors. This school is one of the rare schools that is hosting children with albinism in Tanzania.

albinopeacemakers tanzanie en tanzanie

We support the Association Cœur & Action in its commitment to Syria and especially in helping children.

coeur&action pour la syrie
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